Title Insurance

Title Insurance, the outgrowth of the history based “abstract of title” and “attorney’s opinion”, provides the basic coverage guaranteeing ownership of your home and the validity and enforceability of the lender’s lien. Unlike most forms of insurance, title insurance is an assurance to the insured of the current status of ownership, which is why coverage is provided for a single, one-time premium.

Closing Services

Real Estate Closing Services provide the glue that holds the real estate purchase or loan transaction together. By bringing all the elements to the table, our closing services enable sellers, buyers, lenders, realtors and others, to coordinate their efforts into a smooth transition between dream and reality. As a neutral party in the transaction, the closing service balances the needs and desires of all the parties to ensure the proper and legal ownership of property.

Construction Disbursal

Meeting the growing needs of the sophisticated mortgage lending community with the requirements of the construction and development industries has led Tri-Lakes to create its state of the art Construction Disbursal System. This system provides for the smooth delivery of funds from the owner and lender, under the supervisor of the contractor, to the actual workmen and materialmen providing construction. By mechanic’s lien laws, the mortgage lender obtains the highest degree of protection against fraud and misappropriation of construction funds possible. While Construction Disbursal cannot guarantee completion of any project, it does provide the detailed trail of payments necessary to protect homeowner and lender.